Digital Shower Thermostatic Smart Shower System

Item: Automated thermostatic shower systems Water Technology: AIR Pressurization Temperature: Intelligent Thermostat Curved hole distance:150mm Valve: Ceramic Valve core Surface: water plating Installation: wall mounted Installation height: 90cm-100cm Product weight: about 9.5kg Packing: EVA pearl cotton

Products Details

Product details

Digital showers thermostatic pressurized full copper hydropower shower set. The 2023 Creative Design Digital Shower System of the Year, a truly innovative and technologically advanced solution that combines the best features of an automatic shower system with the convenience and reliability of a thermostatic shower. The great features that make our digital shower systems stand out. The integrated 32cm giant screen ceiling spray wall is an upgraded version of the traditional one. It simplifies the main body of the wall and adds a sense of uniqueness. Additionally, the shower lift riser is adjustable and can be conveniently stopped with just one click, giving you maximum customization and ease of use. This digital shower thermostat system with an impressive 18 design solutions, our innovative 3 modes of water discharge, 30% pressurization and constant temperature control, say goodbye to hot and cold environments. This allows you to enjoy the perfect shower every time, with the water temperature adjusted precisely to your preference.Our digital shower system features a large 52cm storage platform to easily meet all your home storage needs. This ensures that your shower area remains organized and tidy, creating a more soothing and relaxing environment.One of the outstanding features of our product is the 320mm giant screen ceiling spray, equipped with 267 silicone water holes. Inspired by the shoulder-width proportions of Asians, the water flows over your entire body, enveloping you in warmth like you're soaking in a bathtub. A true wrap-around full-body shower experience, allowing you to immerse yourself wholeheartedly and enjoy the comfortable feeling brought by the rain curtain. As for technological advancements, our digital shower system features the revolutionary AIR top-jet boost system. The new AIR air boosting technology uses airflow to make each water outlet soft and non-irritating, ensuring a soft and pleasant shower experience. The hand shower is innovatively boosted by 30% and provides three water discharge modes to maintain stable water flow. By effectively increasing water pressure by 30% over original water pressure, it delivers a powerful shower experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the careful design and construction of our digital shower systems. The nozzle PVD electric baking process combined with three layers of automotive paint ensures that the moisture-proof, scratch-resistant ABS exterior remains bright and light for years to come. Internally, components are precisely linked for automatic reset thanks to our innovative linkage switch design. More than six rigorous program iterations and multiple mold openings have been conducted to verify and optimize its performance. More than 41 parts are precisely matched, and the shower head automatically resets to effectively prevent mis-sprays and ensure a seamless and worry-free showering experience.

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